How to Use an Electric Pole Saw

pole saw cutting limbs on a tree

So did you recently get an electric pole saw and now are wondering how to use an electric pole saw safely and correctly?  Electric pole saws are great for trimming limbs from the ground safely without using a ladder. Electric pole saws are basically electric chainsaws on extendable poles.  The extendable pole allows you to …

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Electric vs Gas Garden Tiller

Man tilling garden with small tiller

When it is time to plant a new garden or to renovate your lawn, there is a good possibility you will need to do some tilling.  There two types of tillers on the market which homeowners could have in there arsenal.  We are going to take a look to see which is better an electric …

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Top Rated Cordless Pole Saw

pole saw cutting branch

Are you dealing with a landscaping project, and you need to cut down some branches in tight spots?  Do you already have a corded electric pole saw, but need to cut something down where a cord cannot reach without getting hopelessly tangled? A corded machine cannot get to places like this, and it can become …

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